Nick Chubb for David Montgomery and Miles sanders

Should i trade nick chubb for montgomery and sanders? I don’t have depth in the RB position.

Hell no. Chubb is a consistent RB1. Coming from a Montgomery and Sanders owner, they are both inconsistent and frustrating. Montgomery has had 1 good week and like 2 solid weeks all year, otherwise has been bad. Sanders only get 5-10 touches a week so he has to have a big play to make him worth playing.

Hell no. I’m looking to trade chubb bc I have Barkley, kamara, chubb and my 2 wr are kupp and woods right now but I wouldn’t never give him for those 2 guys.

The thing is that Hunt is coming back in two weeks. And he’s definetely going to take snaps from him.

If you are worried about it that’s fine (I personally don’t think Hunt is going to take that many touches). But the asking price should be a lot higher than that even if you are trying to move him.