Nick chubb for Devonta freeman,Ridley and 2019 1.12

I will be receiving the nick chubb side.

I seriously considering going for a yess. Iam a contender right now. But i think chubb is an upgrade over Freeman. I have a young squad overall.

Looks like you’re overpaying for Chubb. I think any 2 of those 3 options you’re giving away would be more than enough. If I had Chubb, I’d sell him for Ridley and a 2nd rounder and be more than happy, in a ppr league that is.


Thanks for you post and welcome. Would you really do that, man come to my league than haha.

I see chubb with a elite upside. Freeman is old and injury prone. But i think iam overpaying but is it to much i doubting. I ask the owner of Chubb if he would put in a 2nd 2020. That whould make it a better deal.

I would not make that way to lopsided especially since hunt is now on the browns

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I understand the Hunt part. But to be honest not worried. Also the owner agreed to put in his 2020 2nd so that made it easier for me.

Our bench spots go up by 4 in 2020 so i want my picks then.

Its a done deal thanks guys

Saw you took the deal. I think it was a high price. But on the flip side, you’re getting a great talent who is going to give you 6-7 years of quality production. So maybe it isn’t such a steep price after all. Hope it works out for you man.

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