Nick Chubb Keeper Advice

I’m in a 10 team 6 keeper league where the penalty for keeping is your first six picks. I have Chubb and he is my rb3. What are people’s opinions on how his role will change with hunt coming back halfway through the season and will hunt even be there after the season? I’m just worried that his production will dip with hunt’s return, but I’m hesitant to trade a young and productive rb.

Chubb is a 2019 keeper. I would look to trade him in-season if you still have the same feelings at that time.

You 100% keep Chubb. Aside from Chubb being a more talented runner, Hunt is suspended for the first 8 games. Going to be hard to hunt to replace Chubb after missing half the season.

Chubb in dynasty formats is top 8 RB.

If Chubb was your RB1 or RB2, maybe there would be cause to worry about Hunt, but as your RB3 just enjoy the ride: Chubb should do well for the first half of the season, and then Hunt will have to earn his touches.