Nick Chubb or David Johnson? And why - Standard

I have the 5th overall pick this year and I’m super high on Chubb this year. I think he’s easily a top 5 player if he gets a full 16 week workload and that’s how I want to treat him regardless what people think Hunt is going to do. Is DJ actually the safer player?

Chubb is surrounded by better talent and this is not a first year install even though Kitchens is the new coach. This team knows this offense because they ran it last year.

The jury’s out on Kingsbury’s gimmick and DJ is now two full seasons removed from high level fantasy performances.

Take Chubb…IF he falls to you (he’s rising like a rocket).

I also have been pretty high on Chubb in most drafts because of his relatively low cost in comparison to DJ. However I do have some fears when it comes to the competition for touches in Cleveland this year, Even after OBJ and Njoku, he will most likely lose at least some snaps when Hunt comes back near the playoff push time of the season…? Not saying this is the only factor, but DJ doesnt have anyone to battle for touches right now and all evidence points to most of the touches in an offense that wants to run the most plays per game this year. Just trying to see both sides and not just look at the players individually.

Hope this helps.