Nick Chubb or Jay Ajayi dynasty?

I have given much thought to this, but just can’t find the player that has the edge. Who would you prefer to have in a dynasty league Nick Chubb or Jay Ajayi?

This one is easy. Chubb in a heart beat. Jay Ajayi, is pretty trash. CC probably takes over the backfield by the end of this year.

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While I don’t necessarily agree that Ajayi is trash, I definitely agree that Chubb is the choice in dynasty. They drafted Chubb to be the guy and have an easy out with Hyde after this season.


Chubb by a lot. I don’t think Ajayi is a top 30 dynasty RB, and I’m not entirely sure he belongs that high in redraft.

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Ajayi is not a bad choice, but I am really high on Nick Chubb this year. Particularly for dynasty. This year might be a challenge as an owner, but I think it will pay off 2019 forward. I suspect this year Chubb could be useful as well, but likely not every game.