Nick Chubb or mixon

Was offered Chubb, Edelman,ap

We start 3 Wes no flex
My team now





Help plz

I know so,e ppl rather Chubb rest of season why?

If it helps I’m in 1st so a loss doesn’t hurt as much

I’d reject it. There is some concern with Nixon’s knee & it’s a sideways trade imo and not a vertical trade. Chubb has more points than Mixon the past 4 weeks in a full ppr league

I have Nixon now so you would rather keep mixon and fitz over chubb and Edelman

Excluding injury to both, chubb is the better back IMO. Mixon is on the better team. I’m still going chubb. Chubb is a unique talent w/ both the ability to run through players, juke, and a top notch breakaway speed.

I’m a little biased after seeing mixon has the top 15 lowest notable wunderlich scores in NFL history.

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I like Chubb and Edelman better