Nick Chubb trade

Nick Chubb for Chris Carson and Darrell Henderson? 1pt PPR superflex, roster below.

What? If you’re getting Nick Chubb take that! That’s a steal haha. Much better than Carson and Henderson’s not a factor for me. People are so high on him when he hasn’t even leaped John Kelly on the depth chart yet. Malcolm Brown is Gurley’s handcuff, not Henderson.

That’s what I thought too. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. It’s one of those trades that’s too good to be true lol

Yeah he’s probably a Henderson truther honestly. As a diehard Rams fan I read a ton into what McVay says and does. Henderson isn’t even a lock for the team at this point. Plus, Gurley is healthy right now and looks good.

I’d take that trade for sure. A lot of reports saying Carson will be more involved in the passing game, but Chubb has the potential to have a real breakout season.

Idk dude, I think that’s pretty misleading. You don’t trade up to take a guy in 3rd and cut him his rookie year. I wouldn’t read too much into his production during the preseason. The dude is explosive. I think people were WAY too high on him early on this offseason & he was being overdrafted. The real problem is that people are talking him up to be Kamara which is way too high of an expectation. He’s not going to just step in if Gurley goes down & be the workhorse. Brown is for sure the handcuff right now for Gurley, but my feeling is that if he goes down it’s going to be a timeshare.
I feel like I’m in the minority (at least what I’ve been seeing all offseason) that thinks Gurley will have a really productive year. He just isn’t going to get the volume of touches he has the last few seasons, but in that offense I’ll still take 18-20 touches and the goal line work.

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Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they are going to cut him at all. I just don’t think he’s necessarily what everyone thought he was going to be. Probably could’ve worded that better or not to such an extreme extent. He just has some areas that he needs to work on that have been talked about. He looked better against the Cowboys for sure. Everyone is definitely way too high on him though.
I agree Brown is the handcuff though and it most likely will be a timeshare with Henderson stepping in for passing down work. I also agree that I’m in the minority with you that thinks Gurley is going to have a great year. I drafted him with this mindset of course.

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