Njoku and Diggs for Ertz and Funchess?

I have Ertz and Funchess and was offered Njoku and Diggs. Is this a good trade or should i keep who i have?

Close call. Ertz is basically a high end WR2 right now in your TE slot. But I like Njoku and how they use them so don’t think its a bad trade. Prefer Diggs to Funchess by a wide margin.

I’d probably take it.


I’d keep. Ertz has a very rough ROS but that’s kind of good for TE’s often times. Funchess has a favorable ROS schedule esp during playoffs.

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Only reason it looks good for me is because next week i have odell and ertz on bye and i really really need a win. I’m 2-5. Diggs and Njoku can get me through the next two weeks and help secure a playoff spot. Wasn’t sure if i am looking at this the right way. Thanks for the responses!

I also don’t disagree with @MikeMeUpp ‘s opinion. I’d say take it to roll the dice a bit otherwise I wouldn’t risk Ertz’s volume

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That’s reasonable if no other options to boost yourself. I don’t like Odell ROS personally, would look to trade hI’m for equivalent guy not on Bye but of course doesn’t fix Ertz bye. I’m not sure this really like locks in a win or playoff berth though.

who would you want odell for?

Julio maybe

Odell to me is a top 5 WR ROS regardless of how bad Eli is. He’s already WR7 right now in half ppr formats. I’m not taking anything short of that value for him tbh and am happily buying him anywhere I can from anyone who wants to sell him.

Hell maybe even Diggs + something small. This is my speculation of course but if you agree then yeah I’d take Julio, Hopkins, anyone equally good buT just on a team that matters

odell and herndon for diggs, murray, and njoku?