NJoku for Darren waller

Got offered NJoku for Darren waller standard league my other tight end is mark andrews should I accept the trade?

In a standard, Njoku’s TD upside should be more valuable than Waller’s reception upside.
However, why do you have 2 TEs? You only need to roster 1; so, I’d look to trade Waller for someone other than a TE

I have always struggled at TE so I took a shot at Darren Waller last minute on Saturday and dropped tony pollard! I have thought about grouping him with another player to get a better Wide receiver but got a deep bench full of great receivers already

What is your roster? I always enjoy talking through possible trade packages

QB: Rodgers

RB: leveon bell, Zeke, David Johnson, Austin ekler

WR: Julian Edelman, ty Hilton, DeSean Jackson, josh Gordon, DD Westbrook, Hollywood brown

TE: mark andrews, Darren Waller

Normally I don’t roster two TE but I have never had this problem before were I think I have two good tight ends, thanks for the help

I would look to package Waller with one of the NE WRs. With the sex scandal news, there are people who don’t believe AB will every play a snap for NE, capitalize on this. If he plays, both Edelman and Gordon’s value takes a hit. If he doesn’t play, neither guy is consistently reliable and TB12 typically won’t have games like he had week 1. Either way, prime time to trade 1 of them.

I’d look to trade Waller and Gordon for:

Thanks for your input, I don’t think AB ever plays a down for New England but weirder things have happened, a better elite wide receiver is what I will try to go get, but I trade the Gordon Waller trade for Keenan Allen and was unsuccessful but it’s fantasy football got to love it