Njoku on verge of breaking out?

Been burned by TE position giving me goose eggs the past 2 weeks. OJ Howard and then RSJ last week. Is David Njoku on the verge or breaking out? Njoko owner has Ertz but needs WR. Corey Davis is my WR 3 after M. Thomas and Tyreek. Trade Davis for Njoku or roll with Vance this week and OJ after injury. Also worried with Winston back that OJs ceiling is lowered due to Brate and Winston’s connection.

I wouldn’t trade Davis for Njoku

Davis is a talent, Tenn O is not. Njoku is a solid guy to add. I would try to get something back, but that Tenn O is so bad can you really start Davis other than weeks you don’t have to from byes injuries?

Depends on the format but in PPR I think you can play Davis nearly every week

Outside of 1 game vs Philly he’s not been though. I say get Njoku and something for Davis. They have Thomas and Hill and no TE. I’d move Davis for Njoku and a sweetner and move off Vance

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Trying to get move then just Njoku but I may have settle for 1 for 1 to get this deal done. Gonna try to get more though.

AT the end of the day, make the deal you feel makes your starting squad better.

I have Corey Davis, been trying to trade him too. Njoku should be getting more targets with the injuries and inconsistency from CLE wide receivers. Season long I think I would rather have Davis just for that potential blow up game here and there, his ceiling is much higher than Njoku as we have seen, but if you think you need that TE spot upgrade trading Davis could help.

Nice username by the way, haha.

I would do that trade in a heartbeat. Davis has had 1 good game in five weeks titans offense sucks. Enjoku is gettin 11 targets a game and has a great schedule coming up. Your te’s suck and you have 2 stud receivers. I have enjoku on my team and I think he is going to blow up next week then the rest of the season. Browns had played hard defenses since baker has been in.

Thanks for the responses everyone. Trade went through.
12 team .5 PPR

I give Corey Davis
I receive Njoku and M. Mack

Thanks haha. Office is always on in the background

I like that deal. Mack could be useful ROS. Kudos!

Allow me to piggyback on this topic. I am considering trading Alshon Jeffery and Jordan Reed for Golladay and Njoku. I feel fairly confident that Golladay is a buy-low and Alshon a sell-high. But am I losing too much by swapping Reed for Njoku?

That’s fair. Njoku is on an O on the upswing and Golladay seems to be breaking out. Feel that’s more even versus improving. I’d prefer Galladay Njoku ROS personally but could be a wash


Yes I too would take Golladay and Njoku side.