Njoku or Cook

I have Njoku… I’m still a believer in him and I believe in him coming back… but I’m also at #2 in the waiver priority and could have Jared Cook if I want him… He had a monstrous game but do we think that heavy usage continues? Obviously I would never expect the numbers he had on MNF but still, if he can average like 7 targets a game, that’s still a huge share for a TE… Any thoughts on this? is the #2 waiver priority worth it or would you even drop Njoku for him if he was a FA?

I’m facing the same decision (in addition to Kittle). I am hesitant on the volume for Njoku, but I also know the contortions were terrible as well

Yeah I wasn’t worried about Njoku at all after that game considering the circumstances and the fact that the Steelers are one of the best teams against the TE… But I don’t want to miss out on the potential of Kittle or Cook either.