Nneed keeper help

Half ppr drafting in the 9 spot of 10. Should I give up my first and second for fournette and hunt with guys like Lev, Beckham, Kamara DJ already off the board?

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I actually like the pairing of Hunt and Fournette

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Yeah I think that sounds like a good plan

Roster penalties are rounds 1 and 2 for everyone, or is it one of those ADP leagues?

you can’t go wrong great pick ! Have you thought of taking Beckham and Hopkins if available ! Also I love McCaffrey have you seen him this preseason ! Heavily involved and running hard . I have the same pick same format and I think I’m gonna go Fournette and McCaffrey . Unless Hopkins falls then pairing him with another ridiculous wideout.! Just my opinion good luck !!

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Penalties are two rounds ahead of the players previous year draft round. My other option would be keeping thelian in the 10th and jordy in the 12th.

I actually haven’t seen much of mccaffrey this year, I’ll take a peek. Honestly with the keeper players off the table already i think Hopkins will go off the table 4 or 5, he should never fall back to the nine spot.

Thielen in the 10th…

That is pretty incredible value. And I am lower on Thielen than most.

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