No 2 waiver priority

Would you use the number 2 waiver priority for Brissett? Im holding Goff and J Allen. Allen is probably getting dropped. Im 4-0 but I’m hesitant to play Goff Thursday.

Absolutely not

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I hear ya buddy…I’ve got both Wilson and Goff…and definitely going with Wilson even tho LAR is tough. They’re playing each other this week. LOL Tough one!!!

So see if Brissett clears them grab him? I doubt he’ll be around and I need to snag a DST but I won’t give up priority for that.

Right back atcha @dderkatch

Same predicament myself!!! Driving me crazy to pick one to drop!!!

I’ve got BUF…but they’re on BYE next week. Need to drop somebody and League isn’t biting on TRADES. So…it’s either D Mont, C Thompson or C Kirk to drop to stream a DST!!!

Most recent feedback is to hold on to D Mont and drop C Thompson. Fixin’ to shut down…so…sending out a last SOS y’all before pulling the trigger and just hoping for the best this week!!! Just went 1-3!!! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

So I held off, got up at 1 after waivers cleared and picked up Brissett, Titans DST and C Sutton. The bonus is that now I’m also number 1 on the waiver priority. :joy:

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