No brainer - I think

10 team .5 PPR someone in my league just dropped Darrin Waller for OJ Howard. I have Everett and Andrews. I drop Everett for Waller if I can right?

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I mean Waller is on bye so you wouldnt have to worry about TE for ROS but Everette is getting more involved in the game. I lean towards Waller simply because he gets so many targets and TE’s usually dont win your season. So yea I would grab Waller, I think, just so I wouldnt have to worry about my TE.

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Absolutely Waller

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Drop Everett for Waller. Waller is on a bye week and Andrews is a must start at tight end against Bengals especially with hollywood dinged up.

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This is a no-lose. Different ways to win though.

Andrews is involved and makes some big plays. Plus, as @tonythedivatiger said Hollywood hurt this week. Andrews is good this week and forward.

Everett has significant increased fantasy production every week this season except one.
It’s a very dynamic offense that lends to production from the TE and it is a PPR league, albeit .5 . But there’s also alot of mouths to feed

Plus it’s also a 10 man league so there should be plenty of TE production options to go around. You can always figure something out


You know, this OJ Howard thing makes me alot more upset than it should. His NFL career doesn’t affect my life in any way…

But it’s just SO STUPID! I mean c’mon! I understand a coach having a certain philosophy or discipline of scheme. But Ariens, dude, Quarterback Whisperer, bro…smh
You got a high draft stud at a position that can help a struggling QB. Winston still plays like he just left Florida State. 1+1 still equals 2!

If he wasn’t a high pick, I wouldn’t care… probably. Maybe. But he was. Implying they were planning on utilizing his extensive skill set. No. They don’t. It just doesn’t make sense. I refuse to accept that

Really bothers me. Lol, sorry