No brainer right?

Was offered Dak Prescott and Doug Martin for DeSean Watson. That’s a must take trade right?

Eh, I’m not loving the trade. It heavily depends on the rest of your team. If you need RB help then it might make sense. If you’re set at RB though, then you might be trading down at QB by 7-10 points a week.

In a 1 qb league I almost will always take position over qb. No Zeke so I think dak gets green light

For a backup I have russel wilson and my running backs are so so. I have ajayi, fournette, Aaron Jones,McKinnon, and Collins

It is just a one qb league full point ppr

you have wilson as the backup? do it, he’s on fire and just upgraded his o-line.

as in trade watson, unless this is some sort of dynasty league, you are good at QB

Take that all day! It’s a no brainer for sure. You’re set at QB plus you add a starting RB.

And btw, SKOL Vikes!

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I wouldn’t take the trade then. Most weeks you wont start Martin over Fournette/McKinnon/Jones and you don’t need Dak if you have Wilson. The trade really doesn’t add any depth to your team that you don’t already have. If you’re looking to add depth, maybe try shopping Wilson who is a top QB ROS and maybe an RB for a RB1 or WR1. I would consolidate for a better player.

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I would take that trade so fast Dak will have to throw a lot more now since zeke is suspended and Doug Martin is a beast

Normally I would agree, but trading a player for more value but just for value’s sake doesn’t always make sense. Based on his line-up, both Dak and Martin don’t add better value than what he has current. I just think he could shop Wilson or Watson to someone else for a better player for his specific team.

He is upgrading at rb and getting a top 5 qb in the process

In a PPR format Martin so far is equal value if not slightly less value than fournette and Mckinnon. Probably about equal value because I do think he’s going to put up better numbers in the coming weeks. WIth Jameis injured though, Martin’s value takes a small hit (as seen last week when his touches disappeared because they were playing from behind).

I still think martin would be a great Flex on his team every single week with Fournette and Mckinnon as rb 1 and 2 over Jones

True, but in PPR he might have a WR option that is equal if not better. And I have a hard time starting Dak over Wilson or Watson ROS.

It would make more sense to me to try to flip Watson and one of his lower end RB’s for a true RB1 like Gurley or Mccoy than to trade Watson for another QB and another RB.

if i was in the same situation I would take the trade and use A Jones and Dak to upgrade for a wr 1

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but i agree as well on your perspective

I like that idea. I would see if someone was interested in trading a WR1 for Dak +1 first though. That would add value at both RB and WR in that case.

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