No-Brainer? (Trades)

I was just offered a trade. I would get Chris Thompson and trade away G Kittle… I should take this…right?

What does your team look like

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kittle looked good and they are gonna use him, got a backup plan there?

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PPR? Who else do you have at RB and TE? What TEs are on the waiver wire?


depends on your depth at TE and RB, but i am super bummed I didnt stach Kittle this year.

yeah need way more information here. if it is a ppr and you have another TE, it is a no brainer must do trade. if you have no TE, if it’s standard, i hesitate but still likely do it because i like CT way more than Kittle and TE is much much much easier to replace than RB, so the more RB depth the better, for me.

Half point ppr. My starting TE is J Reed.

oh and thanks everyone for the reply…I should have posted that on the original post


With the way your roster is constructed, I don’t think either way will hurt. However keep in mind Reed has never played 16 games. Even with that in mind I would probably take Chris Thompson so that you get an RB you can play over Freeman while that backfield works itself out.

Take this trade, right now. Your RBs situation is horrible. You need CT badly.