No confidence in Hunt or Fournette

Won a lot of games with them and got them for cheap but letting both go.

Hunt, almost benched him. Long lull in production. Fournette, can’t seem to get healthy. That college injury seems like a perpetual injury that will never go away. Tea leaves are saying he is going to miss games.

I still have Kamara and lots of cash so I can overpay for Barkley or Guice or whoever else. For a while I was almost certain to keep Hunt but think he will struggle with a new QB and find himself in a pass heavy offense playing from behind.

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I think to drop them both is kinda silly. I for one expect more out of both of them this year. The one I am more concerned with out of the two is Hunt. Fournette played 13 games last season and got 1040 yards and averaged 80 yards per game. Now Jacksonville has a better line for him this year and word on the street is he has slimmed down and took a bit of weight down. A bruiser RB misses games cause he pounds. This guy is aiming I believe to not bruise as much. Being down 20-25Lb’s will help him with ankle and foot injuries. Maybe I wana believe this cause I am an owner. :slight_smile: but … alas . I have wishful thinking for Fournette this year.

What is the league setup, how many teams, keepers, flex, etc?

10 team PPR auction, keep 3. The main issue is I got so much value in getting Kamara for $1, Thielen for $2 and Michael Thomas for $11.

Leaning this route. That’s roughly $125 worth of players for $14. Hunt I got for $18 and Fournette $29.