No Defense for Bye Week?

Hey Footclan,

Full PPR 10 Team League and I have Trey Burton on the Bye, but looking at my team, it looks like I can roll without a Defense…What do you guys think? Obviously I’ll wait until Thursday to make a final decision, but so far projected to win with no Defense…

I don’t really have anyone I’d prefer dropping.


I’m currently 4-0 with everyone else in the league with at least one loss, so if I lost one week, it wouldn’t be killer…but understand the whole it could leave me in.

If I end up going with a D, who would you recommend dropping?

Thanks and Good Luck!

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as much as I love the projections feature THEY MEAN NOTHING. A player rated at 8.9 points could put of 30 and a player at 15 can do 8 points. Never assume you will win before anyone has played. you need to play a defense, even if you end op winning they could be the different since d’s can score 20 points any week

(edit: just because you are undefeated doesnt mean take your foot off the pedal, you never know when you will have a loosing streak of 0-4 just like you went 4-0)

Who would you suggest dropping for a defense?

I know it’s not your question…but I’m surprised to see Josh Gordon starting before any of your bench players (other then Burton).

I know it sounds weird, but Start-able Home WRs have over performed on Thursday night for the past 3 games (Green, Boyd, Landry, Kupp, Woods, Cooks)

Previously, I was hesitant on starting anyone on a Thursday, but after seeing whats happened, I feel I have to take a shot with Gordon (I benched Kupp last week…)

How many people are in the league, because if there aren’t many then the waivers will be pretty good and I would be willing to drop one of your bench wrs for a defense for this week

I’m in a similar position. Stacked team. 4-0 start. Burton on bye. Don’t want to drop anyone. Im honestly considering not starting a TE. I think Panther’s DST probably outscores some random waiver wire TE.

Could also try to package trade someone to free up some room.

If you do decide to drop someone, Burton is probably the first to go. You can wait until the last minute, and hope to just pick him up on waivers next week. Depending on whether I decide to start a full roster, Burton is probably first to go for my team too.

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it’s a 10 team league, out of the Bench, who’d you drop? I’m leaning to drop Golladay because Boyd is so heavily used…almost like the Thielen of the Bengals

I’d try and package two guys for one and upgrade at receiver. Look at teams in your league 1-3, 0-4 and target a solid Wr2 if you can. I hate leaving a spot open.

Not trying to talk you out of it…

I like the idea of playing match-ups. The “Thurs night home WR Strategy” is not something I’ve noticed or read about.

I would keep in mind:

  • Kupp has an established report with Goff
  • Kupp was healthy
  • Kupp’s matchup was good against MIN

I understand your point about Kupp, but the others still over produced (Cooks, Woods, Landry, Green, Boyd)

It’s not something I attempted to label, it’s just a trend I’ve noticed over the past three weeks.

I’m also thinking that NE WRs will have a higher chance of output considering their lack of depth at RB on a short week.

I’d just be angry with myself if Gordon goes off with those points on my bench, while NE looks like it’s coming together.

I would berida or jones but its up to you

Funny, also a Burton owner, short 5 player bench, no backup TE. Unfortunately, I am 1-3 so “taking the loss” would be hard. I have been trying to trade Conner for a TE (I am very strong at RB), but so far, no luck. I was thinking of dropping my DST, but I have been advised to drop my weakest WR (Jones Jr) and either add him back next week if still there or add a reasonably comparable WR instead.

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I have had goose eggs from kickers 2 times and won, don’t see why you can’t win without a D. not advisable, but you gotta keep your team in tact and take those risks. Played with a kid that won our league a while ago and couldn’t do anything about bye-pocolypse with a shallow bench and stacked roster, so he lost that week, and steam rolled through the championship…

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I am unsure about just taking a L at a position. Projections are never right or there would be no reason to play a week. 9.5 above is by no means a slam dunk. It is no TD from Kupp and a TD from Davis. Despite what the points say, your opponent does not have a slouch team. Obviously you will know more after tonight’s game, but I would maybe look for trades now.

I would try moving a package of Boyd / Golladay with Brieda / Jones for a better WR / RB - Landry / Michel (if owner not convinced) / or dinged up D. Cook. Might get Mixon or Ingram on a buy low before we see anything moving forward. I get not using a DST, but next week you are in a similar place unless you are just dropping J Cook to roll with Burton. Excepting you are over the BYE with Burton, I am not seeing a huge change in just dropping him now and using Cook. Just some thoughts.

Part of me wants to see if the Pats get ahead early and they limit Gronk, because if Cook has a big game, I can sell him with a WR or RB as a 2 for 1

Actually trying to work with the only 0-4 team we have to try and make something happen

Thanks everyone for the input.

After researching all possibilities, Houston’s D is on the waiver.

Fortunately, all of my opponent’s players will be done by the 2nd afternoon game, if the score is close, I’m dropping Burton, picking up Houston that plays Sunday night.

But on the flip side, if this guy doesn’t score enough, I’m moving forward with no D.

Good Luck this week Footclan!

how did it go? looks tight?

If you’re 4-0 and can accept the risk of a loss i’d try and roll without a D/ST. I keep getting burned by bad DST and TE’s this year so i have no reason to drop for a waiver pick anymore. Vance got me a whole point at TE in my one league. When Ebron goes on bye I’m playing no TE. it’s not even worth losing someone of value at a position where you might get 1 point, especially if you’re doing well on wins.

I slid Kupp into my #2 and Boyd into the Flex (I was hoping for Adam Thielen receptions)…

Come the 2nd afternoon game I was behind BAD, so dropped Burton and picked up Houston’s D…didn’t help much…


I just need Kamara to score 40.5 points…ugh…