No Defense Week 7

Considering rolling without a defense this week. I need a QB, but don’t want to drop anybody. My matchup is somewhat soft. Think I can pull it off??? I’m the team on the left.

I wouldn’t roll with out a defense. Leaving points on the table is always a mistake IMO. Not sure who to drop here though, leaning towards Ekeler or Mack.

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what are your options at Def? Right now i would only drop Ekler or Mack.

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I’ve seen tons of comments like this since byes started, and 80% of the time the person comments later that they ended up having to pick up a sunday night/monday night defence because it was too close.


Broncos and Cowboys are the best ones on FA, but I need a QB. I don’t have one right now. Got options there though. Dalton, Winston, Stafford, Trubisky, Mayfield, Flacco…

So who would you drop for a QB? Ekeler? I’m going to play Marlon Mack over Jordan Howard.

Do it. When that team you think is weak scores 26 pts with their D and 24 pts with their kicker and beats you by 1 pt you will understand why you should not. Until that happens bench that D.

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Yeah. More than likely that’s what will go down.

generally I recommend people in your situation without a clear drop try to swing a 2 for 1 deal. Even if it’s for a minor upgrade at one of the positions.

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I’m just sitting here like drop jimmy graham lol


Not with Greg Olsen likely to break his foot off at any moment.

Okay so nothing pretty at Def. Honestly you may he right. Pick up Dalton and forget the starting the Def.

Then drop Olsen or trade him, with your small bench, I see zero reason to roster two tight ends

Looked it over. Here’s my plan. Gonna drop the Bears D on Saturday for a QB (either Dalton or Winston) and go without a DEF initially. (I’d like to get the Bears back cause I like them long term) I’ll see how the 1:00 and 4:00 games play out and then make a decision about whether or not to drop Austin Ekeler for a Sunday Night or Monday Night DEF. All four of those are avalaible. Bengals, Chiefs, Giants, and Falcons.

How is Dalton and Winston still out there? You know what, nevermind. Certain things in life I never want to know about. JFK, UFO’s. Nope. Do not care.