No diggs! Time for plan B!

Need a backup for diggs in the flex. My starting is
Is Melvin Gordon and Connor at RB. Allen and Sutton at WR. Bench guys are.
Tre Smith, Howard, Njuko, Duke Johnson or tyrell Williams. Ideas boys??

Howard as in Jordan Howard?

Yeah Jordan Howard my bad

Corey Davis is also on the bench but we all know I’m not playing him lmao :tipping_hand_woman:t4:‍♀:tipping_hand_woman:t4:‍♀

lol same here on Davis. I would say Howard is probably the highest floor guy IMO. Think they are gonna run the ball a ton once they get up. Tre Smith is a boom/bust guy. Could happen this week with a high scoring game against the Rams. Duke Johnson may get a lot of work against the Chiefs (go chiefs) trying to come back but uncertain with the new OC… I would roll Howard if you need a safe 10-12 pts… Tre Smith if you need a big game.


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Yeah full point PPR
Might Howard then honestly I’m already projected to win by 20 points without the flex so Howard seems like the safe call

I like Tre’Quan Smith over all your receivers except Allen but to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if Tre’Quan is your leading receiver after this week. Brees will air it out and Thomas of course will get his usual targets but if Brees decides to play it single man Tre’Quan will be the benefactor


Jordan Howard Bro!!

Tre’Quan should have a strong game. Rams secondary is awful. Just goes to show how running the best player in the NFL into the ground can mask serious flaws. It won’t this time though. Saints run D is actually strong. This game is going to be an air raid.