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No Gronk, No Ertz.... Robby Anderson Questionable! Can't Catch a Break


The only other receiver I have is DeVante Parker. The waiver wire is barren. I like Trent Taylor connecting with Garrapalo in a good matchup for San Fran. I have seen mixed news about Anderson today. Waiver wires run 12 noon Friday and Sunday.

Parker has been crashing an burning. Worth picking up Trent Taylor just incase? Any deep sleepers you guys could throw out there? Rishard Matthews will have Patrick Peterson on him if he plays, maybe Corey Davis finally has a touchdown? I’m just bummed out with 3 of my top players suspended or injured. Any comment would be greatly appreciated.


Seth Roberts, Cordarrelle Patterson also available. Put in a claim for both.

Parker, Roberts, Patterson, Davis, Taylor, someone else??


I’m dealing with similar situation, I have Gronk and Anderson as well as Ingram although thankfully it looks like Ingram is playing tonight. Those options really are gross. I have the most faith in Corey Davis hopefully scoring a TD and I wouldn’t fault you for going with Parker either.