No gronk smash

Last week gave me some hope that gronk might become relevant again but after this week I’m thinking of throwing in the towel and him. Do I drop him?

Mike Evans is the new Gronk to TB12. Gronk is a blocker now. He is no longer the outlet he was for TB12 in this offense with so many weapons. However, OJ being out may provide more opportunities for him. I’d wait a week and see. If you need that bench spot though or can grab someone else like Dalton Schultz then I’d do it easily.

Guessing there are at least 3 TE available in your league better for this year.

OJ Howard getting hurt helps but depends on the rest of your team?

My team is garbage. Basically my entire bench is either injured or had a game postponed lol. 0-4 after this week

Sorry to hear that

Lots of weeks to go

List your team ?

Its not pretty lol