NO IDEA what my lineup should look like this week, HELP!

It’s a rough week, footclan.

I’m not even confident on my QB situation, can’t decide between Tyrod or Stafford.

The only people I really wanna keep where they are: Shady, Ertz, and Funchess.

Thanks guys! Any sort of feedback is appreciated!

Im leaning Taylor, but other than that I would pretty much play that same line-up

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Wow, really?! I thought I was crazy for wanting to start Lockett and Darkwa lol

Do you think Ameer Abdullah has an actual chance this week with (hopefully) Detroit being up in the game?

Well Alshon is going to get shut out, Ajayi really wont be useful till week 11 cause the matchup this week and playing against Denver and its a toss up between Abullah or Darkwa