No Mellie; no, tell me it ain't so!

Melvin Gordon is my favorite fantasy football player. He is always undervalued and has always performs. I am a believer in early drafts, everyone drafts with unknown circumstances and this year I may pay a price. I own Gordon in about 1/3 of my leagues, the same thing last year happened with Bell. The difference being I picked up Conner everywhere. I could not do that this year, Eckler has almost always been drafted. Is Eckler the true replacement? Do you think Duke Johnson is an option?

Do you realize Johnson is being paid almost as much as Gordon!. Do you think the Chargers will bring the money?

I believe the Chargers will pay him. If negotiations go into the season and he does miss time, I feel like Jackson is the better all around/workload back than Ekeler. So if you can scoop Justin Jackson up in the mean time, I’d do that.

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Thanks, I took your advice and dropped my kicker and picked up Justin Jackson. It buys me some time.

I don’t think the Chargers will break the bank to pay him. You just don’t need to do that for a RB in his situation. Ekeler is solid, and J. Jackson is…OK. The Chiefs will probably be worse this year than last, so LAC are still in the wild card hunt at worst without him

The Chargers have the issue of getting fans in the stands. They are playing in a 25k seat soccer stadium and can’t even fill it. Their need to win and make the playoffs is a lot higher than other teams because they don’t get the ticket sales, concessions, merchandise etc that other teams do. With that being said, that’s why I think they do pay him. They’re a better team with him on the roster and don’t want to risk losing any Gordon fans. I can see where they would want to save the money, but he is worth it. I don’t see them making a deep playoff run with Ekeler/Jackson combo as their backfield.

out of curiosity, what makes you say the chiefs will be worse than last? im a huge chiefs fan so i would love to hear what people outside of the KCMO area are thinking about us. not to distract from gordon that is haha.

just to stay somewhat on topic, i think the chargers pay him. but i have to wonder if they dont, what would be the reason? the first thing that comes to mind is guaranteed money. an injury history powerhouse back will want more garenteed money, but the chargers wont want to since it has a high chance of being a waste for them. so, if they see melvin as a huge reason as to why they are good (because he is) then they will fork up the money in guarantees and bring the overall value down would be my guess.

I am from Missouri and I am a Chief fan, but I agree. They may not make the playoffs. Hill is going to be suspended at least 4 weeks. Another website I subscribe to says 12 weeks. Also, Damine Harris is not a three down back. I don’t think he can handle the workload. Hyde is not the answer either. I hope Duke Johnson becomes a Chief. Hyde handles first and second down with Duke being the third down specialist. The only sure thing are
Kelce and Mahomes. Maybe Watkins plays like a number one WR. I am not holding my breath.

besides injury, i dont see a way for us to miss the playoffs honestly. i mean, obviously any team can miss the playoffs so dont take that as me being super cocky haha. and im not worried at RB because even if williams does fail, either one of them, i have a surprising amount of faith in thompson. plus, i see all the moves we have made on D as a HUGE boon, so even if we do take a big step back on O i dont think it will matter because of the improvements on D. players, and scheme. i really dont agree with the mahomes and kelce being the only locks. i guess from a fantasy perspective, sure. but schwartz is a stalwart on that line, chris jones is an animal, we have a lot of players im very confident in when it comes to the team.

Like I said I am a Chief fan, I hope you are right and the D has changed for the better.