NO RESPECT!$!&?! Why is everyone so Low on Carlos Hyde? Thoughts & opinions?

Carlos Hyde gets no respect, year after year he puts up good to great numbers both real football and fantasy football. Getting taken in the 4th rounds or so in drafts, he has delivered a fantastic floor, I haven’t added up how many times he has finished as an rb1 or rb2 each week but he has only duded one game. Matt brieda does NOT look anywhere as close to as good of a football player as Carlos Hyde. And Carlos is the clearly better receiving back also. So aside from maybe being traded, which could upgrade his position due to touchdown potential, I don’t see why he isn’t a trade target. Is he injured more or less than leveon Bell/McCoy? As we ask ourselves these questions, we wonder why our brother in law does not accept our trade offer of Brandin Cooks, Carlos Hyde, DeMarco Murray, and Hunter Henry for Bell and connor. All he has is Jarvis Landry, m Bryant, n agholor and would still have Zeke, kamra, mixon, and henry… Hah! Gotcha, it was a trade advice thread! :rofl::joy::rofl:

He is on contract year so at any point he could be benched and they go with Brieda. I do not think that will happen but that is why I traded him away after a couple huge games. He also has a huge history of injury which makes people very uneasy.

Yes injury history, but hopefully he and Bell and Gordon and green and Bryant and Julio and mccoy and all the other guys known to get bit by the injury bug stay healthy. And even though I know he’s not a first rounder like those guys, he’s out produced most including McCoy up until last week. I think Shanahan doesn’t want to go winless as a head coach. They’ve tried brieda as the guy one game to decide to keep or sell Hyde. It’s just like freeman and coleman in Atlanta. Sure he loves Coleman but when freeman out produces touch after touch and looks better doing it. Gotta keep him in. And Carlos Hyde is not a Chris Thompson type who just crazily overperforms on minimal touches. He’s in on all the important downs. And the receptions!! Averaging over 5 receptions a game maintaining a respectable 4.3 ypc and good touch rate, maybe brieda sees some time a la tevin Coleman and devonta freeman in Atlanta, as shanahan like rested backs. And I’m not comparing Carlos Hyde to freeman or any of those premium first round talents, I am just saying, Carlos Hyde is performing like one! #carloshydetruther :rofl::joy: