No Trading in My Keeper League

This season I joined a very active league but I have noticed that nobody wants to trade unless they get a better deal rather than in being a fair deal. For example, I offered Jordan Reed for Gillislee and Cohen, Winston for Crow. Both I thought were fair but they both countered with an insanely lopsided offer. What can I do?..

I’m in the same situation. People expect the world with little in return.

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Can’t do much except find another league next year. I have a couple leagues like that, and that part of it is awful. Even if you make a trade offer that is noticeably favorable for them, they won’t take it when it involves one of their top players, despite they are getting a top tier guy back. Yeah, pretty shady.
I offered Larry Fitz and Abdullah for Julio Jones recently, and you know what the counter offer was? My Fitzgerald and Jordan Howard for Julio Jones.

Damn! That counter is brutal.