NOLA Def for week 17?

What say you Footclan? No playoffs in my league. All I have to do is win next week and I clinch the title.

Let me get back to you my friend!!! You’ve been there for me more times than I can count. Have to shut down for tonight…but…I really want to try to offer my feedback!!!

Well considering that Cam Newton is out and they have a 2nd string QB in his place. I also read on a sleeper app that Mccaffery might sit out week 17. That would be an auto start for me.

OK @psychosem17. Yeah…that’s a tough one. BUT…though @Fobbyp brought up a very valid point and something to definitely take into account…IDK…The Rams still have to put forth a bit of a fight to get that BYE. They either have to win or hope like hell Chicago loses. So…my thinking tends to lean towards LA.

I’m also thinking that it’s very possible NO is gonna very possibly go easy on their DEF at this point.

Again…just MHO and could be wrong, but…as I mentioned…just wanted to try to offer you something here in appreciation of all you’ve contributed to my posts over the season.

THANKS A MIL for everything my friend, and WISHING YOU THE BEST!!! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Yeah that’s my main concern is maybe they sit guys. RAMS defense is owned. Balt and Saints look like best options.

Absolutely especially at home w/ no Cam Newton

I agree with that but do you think Saints sit guys too since they pretty much have home field decided now?

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@psychosem17 Not sure what site your FFB League is based from…but…doesn’t look to be ESPN, so…here’s what ESPN was saying a couple of days ago. Hope it helps…even a little:

Wow. The NFL playoff picture took a wild turn Sunday, with teams from Pennsylvania creating most of the chaos.

The Pittsburgh Steelers diminished their own postseason chances, while shaking up the rest of the AFC, with their loss in New Orleans. The upshot: The Baltimore Ravens now have the inside track on the AFC North championship, and there will be two AFC South teams in the playoffs. The Steelers’ loss came a few hours after the Philadelphia Eagles extended the drama in both conferences and kept alive their own playoff hopes.

Here is how the rest of the NFL playoff picture shakes out at the moment, with live playoff odds from ESPN’s Football Power Index.

Suddenly, the Ravens have control of the AFC North. Their victory Saturday night in Los Angeles, combined with the Steelers’ loss Sunday, means they will win the division with a victory in Week 17 or a loss by the Steelers. Who would have thought that a late-December game involving the Browns would carry so much weight?

(@psychosem17 I’m sure your site prob has a similar report. BUT…hey…figure every little bit might help!!!)

We are yahoo league.

LOL…you beat me to it…looking at your image again, was just thinking it looks like Yahoo.

@psychosem17 Another thing…(and I’m sure you know how this stuff works)…but in my post above…you can click on THE BALTIMORE RAVENS and there’s a little review of the BAL DEF. Again…just trying to help ya my friend since I’m now done and I know you’re still fighting. Hope it helps buddy!!!

I appreciate it man. I think I like Saints at home even if they decide to sit Brees, etc. SP might not want his starters sitting for that long though and he was the guy going for it on 4th downs up like 20 pts a few weeks ago. Bridgewater isn’t a qb to make a lot of mistakes so I don’t think he will put the defense in a bad spot.

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Again buddy…just trying to help a friend here. As I mentioned a couple of times, you’ve helped me MANY a time…so…just trying to return the favor!!! It’s worth it to try to help others out here. With a lot of us, that take the “relationships” here to heart (like I do), it’s what we do for “friends”!!!

AGAIN…best of luck to you!!! :slightly_smiling_face: