Non-PPR: Kupp and Watkins for Julio?

I was offered this trade, I’d be getting Julio. Let me know what you think!

My team:
QB: Rivers
RB: Bell, Cook, Mixon, Collins, Ingram, R. Freeman, Carson
WR: Allen, Jones Jr., Kupp, Watkins, Robinson
TE: Kittle

His team:
QB: Watson, Bortles
RB: Barkley, Ekeler, Lewis
WR: Jones, Boyd, Cobb, Gordon, Godwin, D Jackson
TE: Kelce and Howard

If this was any PPR format would be JJ easy. I think it still JJ side but the TD upside of Kupp is what gives me pause. Good chance Kupp actually doubles JJ’s TDs this year while still hitting 1k yards. leads his team in red zone targets and probably hits double digit TDs this year.

Can’t ignore the yardage totals JJ is going to be getting though so I probably still have to go JJ here.

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100% take this. This is exactly what to do with Kupp after his ridic Thursday. And I agree with @MikeMeUpp he may well, probably will, put up 1000+ and might get to double digit TD’s. But, Julio is perfect for your team and the better end of this deal hands down.

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If I was other owner I frankly would be looking for RB help. see if you can keep Watkins and throw him an RB

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Agreed, was surprised he sent through 2 WRs as his offer. You would try to pull Watkins from the deal?

I would, otherwise I feel like I would need to be looking for WR depth after this trade.

Unfortunately the other owner got cold feet and pulled the offer. Any other mid to low WR1s that you think I could go after with Kupp+X?

actually no, not diggs like i said before. thielen though

Ended up trading Kupp and R Freeman for AJ Green instead, should I still feel good about it?

Still good. AJ green is a top 8 guy. He’s a stud. Bengals offense finally clicking and looks good. Oline is passable and Dalton is back to old form as a slightly above average QB which is all Green needs to ball out.

Also just generally love how he is being used/targeted in the red zone.

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