Noob trade help appreciated!

My last 2 seasons were in leagues that did ZERO trading, so I’m learning the ropes. Gonna try a couple sample trade options here based on week 1 scores and ask for thoughts just to give me some footing…

(Trading off____ to get ______ )

Drake+Diggs for Ingram
(Maybe they don’t want to wait)

Drake+Rudolph for Hunt
Lynch+Rudolph for Hunt
(They need TE)
Drake or Lynch + Kittle for Hunt

D. Adams+TE for Melvin Gordon
(Also needs TE)

I think any of those are fair trades. I like the Lynch/Rudolph for hunt. in the 2nd trade options.

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Awesome thanks. I have a hard time letting Lynch go because I love the way he runs, but that’s good to know.

Here’s one more:
This guy has Bell, Sony Michel, and M. Goodwin, so he may be looking for some health…
Diggs+Drake+TE for Cobb+Burton

I’m not sure I’m actually winning that trade though. I’ve got D. Adams already

I would say swing for the fences. never hurts to try.

I have Lynch as well and haven’t offered him in any trade yet since I know they are going to start using him when he gets over his sickness. but to turn lynch into hunt (if they accept) then I would in a heart beat