Noooo Ingram! Who do I Keep now?!?! (NON PPR)

So Ingram was a locked and loaded keeper for me (would have been able to keep him for my 12th round pick).

After his recent suspension and his BYE week being week 6, he probably won’t a contributor until Week 7.

I already have Thielen locked in as one keeper. With that being said, which two do I keep?

Mark Ingram - Costs me my 12th round pick
Allen Robinson - Costs me my 14th round pick
Jimmy G - Costs me my 14th round pick.
Devin Funchess - Costs me my 14th round pick.
Kenyon Drake - Costs me my 14th round pick
Evan Engram - Costs me my 14th round pick
D’Onta Foreman - Costs me my 14th round pick.

A Rob for sure, and then I’d probably go Drake. I want D’Onta Foreman to take over that Houston backfield so badly and he very well might, but the achilles injury rules him out.

Yeah I was pretty sure A Rob was going to be one. I was so excited about Drake but having a time share back on probably the worst team in the NFL (sorry Dolphins fans) scares me. I really hope some good news comes out for Foreman that I can be more comfortable keeping him.

Appreciate the feedback.

Arob is a must for me

I would go with ARob 100%, and then Drake.

ARob and Drake or Engram - I’d sort of lean Engram and let someone else splurge on Drake early

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ARob, then Drake for me as well.