Not a Start/Sit Question

Seriously guys, let’s talk: What are we doing with Jonathan Taylor?
How much longer do we have to hold before we have to let go? Last thing I want to do is trade him for an RB2 and then he blow up- but is it gonna happen? It’s brutal.

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I agree.

He had a great plus match up against DET. He was not used practically the entire second half. IND seems to be using the “hot hand” method with their RBs.

It is entirely frustrating.

I might be able to get Joe Mixon for him-
(JT’s)playoff schedule looks awesome but next week against Baltimore might make me tilt more.

What are you JT owners doing?

Unfortunately I’m probably benching him. He has to much potential to drop. I don’t think i can trade him (my league mates aren’t open to trading much) but that would be my attempt. He’ll be the add on piece or sell high if he ever has a break out game.

In the same boat.

Someone offered me James Robinson for Taylor - seriously considering it…

F it. Take it and run!

Well, the latest says that he’s hurt.
Sooo…maybe he’ll be good later?? I don’t think he plays against Ravens and he is banged up.

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He might not go for it now so will see.

Not a huge Robinson fan but looks like he has done well.

I’m still having trading regrets with him. I picked him up the first week he went off and I flipped him for Tyler Boyd. My RBs in that league are Zeke, sanders, Taylor - so I could have used him.

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I have injuries and byes next week as well.

Probably will drop Scott as he is on the bye next week and grab Harris, Moss or Hasty

Have Carson, Mixon, Taylor, Sanders, Scott.

Oh wow- all those guys are out there?
Harris and Moss would def be my pick ups.

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Yeah, I have Jacobs, Taylor and Justin Jackson.

Might have to be relying on Jackson and Jacobs next week.

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Does suck as I thought he could be a league winner - not over for him yet I guess but might try and trade him.

Better pick up for week 9…

Moss vs SEA
Harris vs NYJ
Hasty vs GB.

Since it’s easy to throw on Seattle- goal line work will be there and I’d take the chance with Moss. I know Allen takes some of that, but I’ll take my chances.

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…for San Fran, my new rule is- if it ain’t Wilson, I’m out.


Was offered James Robinson and Chark for Taylor and Jefferson. Do it ?

Rest of team. Lots of Injuries and Byes this week for RB. Will also drop Scott who is on bye for Moss or Harris.

Carson, Mixon, Taylor, Sanders, Scott.

Adams, Keenan Allen, McLaurin, Jefferson.

Any other possible WRs to acquire? I’m not a fan of WR/RB from the same team as they can sometimes eat into each other’s production.


Jumping in late but i’d steer clear of Chark with the QB change in JAX and he’s been banged up too. Any other WRs you can get, Jefferson has value off a down game is the perfect buy low too but you want a WR3 with upside back for him really.

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Yeah the only other 2 he has are Ruggs or Scottie Miller which I really do not want.

I mean given your WR strength, if you really want out of Taylor you could just take Chark and see, it’s better than an overpay 2 for 1.

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Yeah, maybe chark has a good week and you can flip him.

Certainly don’t want those WRs- although Ruggs isn’t too bad for me. Carr has been better than we give him credit for. Has some good match ups coming up.

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