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Not another Keeper post


Halp Me.

Keeper League 14 Team 1/3 pt PPT. I need to keep three of the following, each keep costs the current ADP, ties in ADP get bumped down a round:

Derek Carr (6th)
AJ Green (1)
DeAndre Hopkins (2)
Lamar Miller (2)
Jordan Reed (3)
Allen Robinson (2)


Hopkins, Miller, Robinson


Easily Green, Miller, Robinson for me.


Do you feel there’s bigger bounce back potential with A Rob over Nuke?


Just to add confusion to confusion. I’d go Green, Nuke & Miller.


I definitely feel there is a better bounce back potential in A Rob over Hopkins. ARob’s breakout happened with Blake Bortles, we’ve seen it, we know it can happen. Hopkins big downfall came because of bad QB play. Yes, Brock is gone, but if you think Savage/Watson are the solution you are a more optimistic person than myself. Tbh, I don’t really expect a big bounce back for either guy though. I contemplated going Reed over either of them but I couldn’t get myself to do it because WR is so much more valuable.


I kept Arob and Hopkins last year and they broke my heart so it’s good to hear you have some bounce back optimism for one of them. If my league is slightly slanted towards QBs (streaming is hard since my league has some fascination with hoarding QBs), would you bump Derek Carr into the mix?


I’ll take AJ, Hopkins, and ARob!


Not sure why people believe in the one year wonder that is Foreman. Miller is still the bellcow at least for this year


Miller was frustrating to own. He had long stretches between 100 yard games. The consistent touches were great so hopefully it connects. Leaning towards keeping him, AJ, and Hopkins/A-Rob (both are in my dog house though).


I don’t blame you, but you have to remove yourself from last year and look at the talent. They will be worth a 2nd this year, the only 2nd or 3rd rd tweener I see is A rob. To be honest, I don’t see a big value jumping out at me. Was I reading that correctly that if you pick 2/3 2nd rd player than the 2nd and 3rd are bumped down a rd?


In a 14 team league I might consider Carr if you know that people horde QBs… but I probably still wouldn’t pull the trigger.


Oh I definitely agree. So you’re saying you dont see big value in either of them? And yes, if I were to keep two players slated in the 2nd round one player would get bumped into the 3rd. Maybe I should just get on the hype train Bill O’brien is conducting for Deshaun and go all-in on the Texans.


One major upside would be the excuse to post this gem once a week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cZByfqAL7A