Not feeling good about Jordy..?! Trade talk

What’s everyone’s opinion on Jordy after Rodgers injury. Obviously, he’s no longer an WR1, probably a WR2 RoS right? The thing is, I’m not even confident about that after watching the Packers last week. That was ugly. Is Jordy just a red zone TD hope at this point?

If so, what do you guys think a Jordy owner, like myself, could get in return for Nelson? I would love to try and package him for an upgrade. My RB2 is Alvin Kamara, which I feel pretty good about, my WR’s are Jordy, Dez, and Demaryius. I’ve just got a bunch of handcuffs on the bench plus Amendola and Ginn. QB’s are Cousins and Winston.

I would love to potentially target a guy like Mike Evans, Melvin Gordon, AJ Green, or someone along those lines. Who else might make sense? .5 ppr 10 team league

Good luck this week boys!

I would offer Jordy and Ginn before Ginn has a bad game. I would try to get Green first, but idk. If I was the Green owner I wouldn’t take it, though it’s not an awful trade by any means.

Yeah I’m right with you. I’ll fire it at him, I’d give it like a 10-20% chance at best for him to accept though. lol

I traded Jordy for Michael Thomas in my league. Thomas hasn’t been doing the greatest, so the owner might be willing. I would rather have a good player on a good offense than a good player on a bad offense