Not freaking out but just curious to what is going on

What do I do in this situation? I have lynch and Hyde on my team and the last 3 hours has been rough to say that least. Lol. Do I drop with of them to pick anyone up? Was late on the Chubb pickup. I’m Just glad I went RB heavy and hopefully my first place team won’t take a hit. My team right now in 12 man .5ppr is

Russell Wilson

Melvin Gordon
Kareem Hunt
Marshawn Lynch
Carlos Hyde
Aaron Jones

Golden Tate
Emmanuel Sanders
Amari Cooper
John Brown
Sammy Watkins

Austin Hooper
Evan engram

No kicker yet. Gonna need to drop someone. (Was thinking TE)

Da Bears.

Just wondering who to drop if anyone to pick up a RB or just leave as is and drop a TE for a kicker on Sunday. Thanks for the help

Definitely drop Lynch. He is out for a month and wont be too good when he is back

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Thanks. What do you think is gonna happen with Hyde

I have Hyde as well, I’m holding onto him and hoping he ends up the workhorse. There’s a chance with Fournette’s hamstring and Yeldon dealing with his own injury.

They wouldn’t make the trade without cause.

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If Fornette is healthy, both Hyde and Yeldon’s stock tanking

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Drop Lynch and wait and see on Hyde. All signs are pointing to a RBBC but you never know. Yeldon hasn’t been the healthiest of players this season so Hyde’s value may skyrocket if Yeldon were to go down. Either way, Hyde is far more valuable than Lynch ROS so I’d drop Lynch, wait and see with hyde, and also consider dropping one of your TE for a flyer RB that could get some work.

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Hyde’s stock goes down yea, but it never tanks unless you think Fournette can/will stay healthy

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Do I drop engram because of his injury or keep him and drop Hooper? I feel like they are both in the same tier now

I prefer Engram ROS but what might be best to do, is hold onto both until after this week. Hopefully Engram can destroy the Falcons in their juicy matchup. If he does, trade him away and roll with hooper and get some better value as opposed to just dropping one for a waiver claim.

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Helpful rundown


Tough call. If I thought I could trade either Hooper or Engram, then I’d drop Lynch. I’m not sure he’s startable when he come back, and by that time hopefully Jones is getting enough volume to be a solid RB3j for you.

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Drop Lynch , pick up Jalen Richard, keep heide

I will more then likely drop lynch grab a kicker and wait out a week before I drop anyone. Worse case scenario I pick Powell back up. He’s good for at least 7 points a week and nobody has picked him up since I’ve dropped him 2 weeks ago.

Also a ton of chatter about it over here