Not freaking out on Fournette

Everyones reaction to the carlos hyde news seems to be so dramatic… “Fournettes gonna be on IR!! Hes at best a committee back! trade him now!!!” yes, while carlos hyde might add some temporary stoppage to TJ yeldon being a non-threat as a powerback for the jags, once fournette is healthy, week 10 or whenever, dont you think the jags coaching staff wants him to be a workhorse back even still? this is a team that was a leader in rushing attempts a year ago and was mighty successful in doing so. the RB1 + 2 in rushing attempts for the jags combined for 380 carries on the ground. fournette getting 70% of those at 268 att. in just 13 games. now hes dropped a couple pounds and looks plenty capable of catching the ball also! fournette is the only player on JAX that is capable of taking the ball from the line of scrimmage into the end-zone at any point on the field. i dont think yeldon is special as a receiving back and JAX should much prefer fournette getting snaps over him and hyde relieving leonard on the ground. i dont think fournette loses much value when healthy, if at all maybe some ceiling, unless hyde steals ALL the goaline carries & if yeldon gets all the passing work (not likely). There is plenty of rb touches to go around in JAX and i plan on keeping Fournette down the stretch for my playoff push.

Agreed. This trade for the Jags is about staying in the playoff hunt long enough for Fournette to get healthy.

I think it is mostly about Bortles and getting blown out 2 games in a row. A fifth rounder isnt much. Cleveland wanted to get Chubb the ball.

Fournette like all players can get healthy, but he has trouble staying healthy.

If Fournette gets healthy and receives his past volume, I’m really skeptical he stays on the field for long. If you hold Fournette until week 10 and he gets re-injured, nobody will offer you anything for your first or second round draft pick. If he goes on IR or gets re-injured after the fantasy trade deadline, that draft pick just soaked up a roster spot all year.

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Will not be starting him until he plays a full game. I managed to build enough depth where I don’t need him anymore. If I can maintain my crew he will be on the bench, just can’t trust him to stay in the game anymore.

This is a depth play for jags. With Grant on IR and Yeldon and his ankle injuries, they can’t afford to be in a scenario with Jamaal Charles as their only RB.

Once fournette is healthy, he will be the work horse he has always been. Just a matter of when he will actually be healthy.


Thoughts on Hyde’s trade value to the Fournette owner?

higher value presently, but once fournette is healthy hes practically worthless trade value imo