Not happy with Sleeper

I put in for Gesicki just after he was dropped in the Megalabowl, and it said it wasn’t going to process until 11 today. That’s fine, at least I’ll get him if I was going to. Now it pushed it to Wednesday after the game started at 930. If he goes off today and that changes the value of him in the FAaB. I’m gonna be so pissed. Why wouldn’t it just process the dam waiver like every other waiver. This needs to be fixed.

Sorry for your Ire, but he’s in the London game, so automatically gets pushed out … It is a bummer and the current format does keep us from grabbing players ahead of London games (any format that doesn’t have a free agency will come with challenges regarding inactives, too), but lots of coolness about Sleeper otherwise. Agreed that value may change, but now you should be able to adjust your FAAB ahead of waivers and your full strategy given today’s games for that matter. I’m historically agro about computer shit that I can’t control, so completely emphasize, but don’t let it ruin your day … I hear you.

I get it, wasn’t thinking I was going to get to play him. It was listed as an 11 o’clock process. I also put in to drop Dan Arnold for McMichaels and that is still set to process at 11 so this is where I’m confused since both players are 930 games. It still says the Arnold transaction is going to process.

oh brother … maybe shoot Sleeper a quick note to help them do better … that lack of logic would have me super frustrated, too. bro-hug?

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