Not in a rush but need to upgrade. Trade thoughts?

I m in an interesting league, CBS, 8 teams, standard non-PPR scoring
Standard starting lineup, but where it gets interesting is that there are no boundaries as to how many of each position you can own to make up the total roster of 16. One of the guys missed the draft and the auto-draft took all 4 of the kickers that he had marked to decide between LOL
There’s also no IR, so an injured player either takes up a roster spot or you drop/trade him

I’m looking to upgrade but not sure where to start, David Johnson is killing me but it’s hard to stomach his current dirt low value in a trade for your #1 pick.

What I really need is a high floor receiver and I’d like to package Roethlisberger who, barring injury to Mahomes, I won’t be starting again this season (Hung onto him to start last week which worked out well)

Any ideas

In an 8 team league QB’s have absolutely zero trade value. Hell even in 10-12 ones they’re minimal at best.

If you’re rostering one that won’t start then drop him for a position player. Anyone rostering 2 in that shallow of a league is someone I want to play with.

And Enunwa is already gone, have a waiver claim in for Austin Hooper to fill in for Gronk in week 11 when NE is on a bye

You’re not kidding
The only player I have that everyone wants is the only one that I won’t part with, Gordon