Not on the Jonathan Taylor bandwagon?

Am I the only one not in on Jonathan Taylor? First I want to say I think the kid has a ton of talent and will be good for a long time (in RB terms). In dynasty I am all about him. I just do not see him having as much value as he is being hyped to have or worth the draft spot he is being taken. Marlon Mack is not a slouch and unless he gets hurts I do not see Taylor running away with this job this season.

Mack was 11th in rushing last year and 9th in rushing TDs in 14 games. He has NEVER played a full 16 games but he has played in 14 games 2 of the last 3 years. Do I want to take Taylor to fill in for 2-4 games? Mack only had 21 receptions but Hines is still going to get his in the receiving game.

Mack has also only fumbled twice and lost 1 fumble in his 3 years in the NFL. Taylor has played in 41 collegiate games and fumbled 18 times with 15 of them being turnovers to the opposing teams. If those fumbling issues pop up he will quickly find himself losing some of his opportunities.

Again I find him immensely talented and I think he will be the guy in INDY for the future. I think he is a player people might be jumping on the bandwagon a year early though. Thoughts? am I crazy?

This is definitely solidly within the realm of possibilities. My personal view is this. The colts have one of the best lines in the league so both Mack and Taylor will look good. Reich has said he will use the hot hand approach. None of this in isolation means a ton for Taylor. But where it matters is with your belief of Mack’s talent vs. Taylors. I personally think Taylor is one of the most talented backs in the draft this year while I think that Mack is an above average RB but nothing special.

At the end of the day it all comes down to whether or not you believe Taylor can steal the job, the coach staff left the window of opportunity open for him but will he be able to capitalize? It sounds like you lean no, in which case yeah I’d stay away in redraft.