Not playing players on Monday night

So last year in my money league I was up by 1.4 points on a monday night with a D playing and I benched them so I wouldnt risk it. The D ended up being neg and they would have lost me the game. It was controversial and was debated but nothing happened. I have Rodgers playing and I am up by 2 and I am 100% confident that Rodgers will not go neg but I had Kamara last week and needed 10 points from him so Im not taking risks in the future. How can I convince my league mates that I am not doing anything wrong

in this case you can’t. defense or kicker is different. aaron rodgers vs sf dst doesn’t make sense to sit, and i honestly don’t even understand your point. youre up 2 with the best qb in the league going, why would you want to sit him? i would advise your league to put in a highest score bonus so they prevent issues like this. and i also have no idea how kamara last week comes into the equation. you were down 10 and wanted to sit kamara anyway? he didn’t get negative so that doesn’t help your ARod argument at all, and don’t understand why that would be a risk for you if you were trailing last week. you just wanted to punt the week away?

Im not going to sit him but I mentioned it as a joke sort of and the people in the league that were against benching want the commish to punish if so

sorry for not being clear I see how I made it sound that I was benching rodgers

Benching a K or Def where there is a realistic shot of them scoring negative points makes sense. Benching skilled position players where it is extremely unlikely for them to score negative points doesn’t really make sense. Also, if your league uses points scored as the tie breaker like most leagues do, you want to score as many points as possible so it doesn’t come back to haunt you.

Only time I would even remotely consider benching rodgers, is if your league has high penalty for INTs. Like my league is a SF league where you get 6 point passing TD but -4 for an interception. Even then, I still wouldn’t bench rodgers but I may consider benching someone like Tannehil or Bortles who have actually scored negative points.

yeah im not going to bench him but my league is irrational. -4 points for a pick seems like too much imho but that adds a whole new game of getting good qbs. Imagine playing Natian petterman for the bills when he threw 5 picks

I like to find ways to make QBs valued as much in fantasy as they are in the real game. Superflex + 6/-4 is the way that I’ve seen that does that the best. adds a super interestin dynamic. I played Watson this week and he scored 3 points for me. Needless to say, I am in a rough spot. But I think it makes things super interesting and makes the elite QB options much more valuable and worthy of a 1st round pick.

I shoulds interesting. Defiantly a way to create more trading since a good qb in your league could be a rb2 worth maybe, I dont play in anything like that so i have no clue

A good QB in this league goes for much more than an RB2. Everyone rosters minimum 2 QBs and most roster 3. Every starting QB is owned. A good QB would probably cost people a low RB1 or a very high RB2 at a minimum. Teams with bad QBs in the league are basically screwed.

that does make trading better imo it seems. One more position to be able to provide good value in a trade.

Vote on it. If it’s not in the rules then it’s allowed. I personally think a full team must be rostered or they forfeit the game no matter what the outcome and will be bringing it up for a vote next year.

As for rostering 2-3 QB’s I’m fine with. It’s done in my league. I think it’s stupid because it limits the ability to use the waiver wire. I picked up a WR1 and a RB1 throwing the dice every week to see what develops. Can’t do that stashing 2-3 QB’s. I can also block someone with injuries by getting their handcuffs. That 2nd QB is doing nothing for them.

It does take a lot of time constantly dropping and adding players but, the more you do it, the more the chances go up of landing a Kamara or a Boyd when nobody saw it coming.

in a normal league you only want 2 qbs really if that but in a league where picks are -4 you would want to have options especially in a deeper league