Not ready to give up on the season yet -- what do you think?

I’m sitting at 2-3 after a very narrow loss this week. 12 team standard, keep 2 at the expense of one round ahead of their draft position. 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, DST, K.

Here’s the squad:

QB: Big Ben, Stafford (problematic position)
RB: CJA, Lynch, Gillislee, Smallwood (IR), Aaron Jones
WR: Evans, Cooper (ugh), Thielen, John Brown
TE: Eifert (IR), H Henry, ASJ

I am thinking of making an offer for Demaryus Thomas (owner’s team is in the toilet and he’s willing to sell) as his ached gets quite light and he’s better than what he’s shown. Who should I offer?

I’m also thinking of trying to get Winston off the guy since I’m done with Big Ben. I’m willing to throw a draft pick in there too, nothing too high though.

Any thoughts?

Anyone? I don’t wanna give up too much but I don’t wanna low ball him either.

I’d try just offering cooper straight up. Carr won’t be out forever and a lot of people are still on board with his upside.

I wouldn’t target Winston. Just me. I think you can do better. I agree that you can be done w big ben

I agree that Winston is not panning out like everyone thought he would, but I was thinking I could address both areas of concern with one GM. I might dangle one of my TEs to him if he doesn’t go for Pooper straight up for Thomas. Probably ASJ.

Here’s a bit of a blockbuster that’s in the works with myself and a different owner:

Stafford, Cooper, Lynch, ASJ
A Smith, Julio Jones, Clay

I’m tempted to do this one…