Not real excited about this trade offer. What would you think?

OK…here’s the situation. 10-team. PPR

He’s 3-1 - I’m 1-3. He’s offering his Will Fuller for my Duke.

My starters this week:
Palmer, McCoy, DeMarco, Garcon, Thielen, Clay, Duke, PIT, Succop

Cousins, Pryor, Sanders, Kamara, Ellington, Humphries, Rudolph

I think he’s probably been working on this for several days as he just grabbed Fuller off the WW’s yesterday, so figuring he already had his eye on the Duke, but didn’t want to turn loose of anybody else on his roster. As I mentioned…pretty much have already decided to turn it down. LOL…I need all the pts I can get and right now not so sure how Fuller’s gonna produce just yet. Granted, he did great his first week back, but…it’s just one week. Anyway… just curious what the general consensus is here.

Thanks y’all!!!

I’d hang on to Duke personally. He’s a solid flex most weeks where you’d be really looking for a good match up play or a bye week fill in with Fuller. Unless he turns it on every week, are you really going to start Fuller over any of your top 4 WR?

I would hang on to duke for now. Hes been great and fuller has always been a boom or bust with not much chemistry with watson, you could probably find more reliable options on the waiver wire in the coming weeks

Exactly my thoughts nickk843. At least not until we see what Fuller’s gonna do from here on out. Appreciate the feedback my friend!!!

I agree joshua-robb. As I mentioned…LOL…I need as many points as I can get right now. Pretty much guaranteed that with Duke. Still not sure enough about Fuller at this point.

Thanks a bunch for your opinion!!!