Not stacked at RB but got JJ offered for Chubb

What do I do?

What’s your roster and league scoring format?

Ah, sorry. Half ppr.

WR are

RB are

I probably wouldn’t take it. You have a pretty good receiving corp and are a lack depth. If anything I’d take one of your better receivers and pair with a back to try and get a more top end back

Yeah, tried for Gurley. Vetoed. Alright. Thx for the advice…

Chubb has great potential for sure, but even so, I would take this trade. Chubb for Julio straight up? I’d take that and feel good knowing I got the best or often the best WR in the whole NFL in exchange for a guy I thought at best would be my flex play sometime when I added him (Chubb).

I agree that you clearly would need to upgrade at RB asap as well, but I think the margin of winning this trade would give you would make everything you do tradewise more valuable/useful to your team than before. You could have Julio and Michael Thomas and roll them out the entire season with great confidence. Then you could trade using your other guys to upgrade at RB, along with some waiver adds. Are guys like Mack and Mostert taken already?

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Oh you have Mack already even. But this trade was vetoed by the league? Or by the team

Nah, tried to get Gurley. That was vetoed

I’d take that Julio option if it’s srill around but not taking it and figuring something else out is fine too.

If your league vetoed the first one i feel like they would veto this as well. Julio is a proven player and while he hasnt killed it he is for sure the better option rn. In what world was someone giving Gurley to get Chubb?

Nah, was 2 WR plus 1rb for Gurley.

LOL ohhhh makes sense

I’d take Julio, I dont think Chubb is a league winner or anything and you can probably make some other moves after Julio is on bye next week. Your going to start him every week after that. Assuming you only have one flex and 2 WRs, you will have Thomas/Julio weekly and then only one spot to flex the others, I would keep kenny G and Hilton and you would be set.

Take Julio, Flip him for a good rb and wr

Like a kerryon and Landry or something

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That’s what I’d be trying to do too.