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Not sure if I feel bad?


So I normally make fair trades and have never trade raped anyone…but I am not sure how to feel about this one. The trade can still get vetoed but our league normally doesnt do that. This is the trade:

I first offered decker and smallwood for D. Jackson

He rejected and countered with…wait for it…

D. Jackson and T. Taylor for ALEX SMITH

I am feeling as if I robbed a bank or something. Idk.

Improves the shit out of my team too:

QB: Stafford / Taylor
RB: Gurley / Murray
WR: Jones / Parker / Jackson
TE: Engram
Flex: Garcon

Bench: Decker / Marshall / Charles / Smallwood

I finished 2nd place last year. I need the ship. I need the bragging rights haha


So you moved Desean and Tyrod for Alex Smith? That’s a fair trade.


I don’t think that’s a super lopsided trade. It’s low end players as well. Noone will put up a fight.


No I ended up getting Jackson and Taylor for Alex Smith (who I picked up 2 days ago on the waiver wire)


Oh I see. Well done sir.