Not sure what to do about this team

This league is most important to me and its the only one that I have lost in (0-2), it’s half ppr (2WR/2RB/1te/1FLEX) and I’m looking for advice on what to do or if I just have a string of bad luck. I would consider trading a few players to upgrade at a certain position.

T. Taylor (Streaming, a lot of teams are still holding 2 QBs)
A. Collins
R. Burkhead
K. Allen
Trey Burton

C. Davis
M Mack
Mike Williams
P. Lindsay

Thanks - any suggestions are appreciated!

I think it’s honestly a hold one more week. On paper you should be killing it, but i get it I have a team that’s a dumpster fire because David Johnson is putting up like 4points a week.

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Do Kerryon and maybe Lindsay have the ability to be weekly starters? I think the one thing I might do is target a trade for a rb and give up one of my WRs. I think I have 4 solid flex options and would be willing to give up one of them to have another solid rb