Not sure what to do

Full PPR dynasty

I was offered a 2021 2nd rookie pick for James White. I would take it, but I’m just worried about my RB depth. I have what seems like a lot of RBs, but it’s not strong depth. I don’t see my team going very far so I like the idea of getting a 2nd rounder to help me next year. And James White is 28 years old.

My RBs are:
Austin Ekeler
Devin Singletary
Sony Michel
Matt Breida
James White
Justin Jackson
Joshua Kelley
Dion Lewis
James Robinson.

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I would do the trade, but I would first ask for maybe a 2022 3rd rounder or something as well. In my opinion, White’s value is going to plummet this year, no Tom Brady, and like you said he’s 28.

If you can’t get the third rounder I would probably still do the trade, be wary that if the team you are trading White to is stacked that 2nd may not be worth much next offseason.
But honestly, if you don’t think your team is going far this year it’s much better to trade for draft picks and rebuild a bit.


I’m with @Fluffy here. Make that trade.

IMHO people are forgetting that NE is without TB12. White has done well with him, but now he’s gone. We do not know if Stidtham will like him or not. At 28, he is getting up there. I think he still has useful years, but for what? He might be more like the other satellite backs. Blow up one week so you think you have a stud, then disappear for weeks.

Ekeler / Singletary / Breida / Kelley will be good for you this year.

Grab that value while you can. 2021 looks to be all of 2020 and maybe a bit better at the top end. That pick will be a nice get for your squad. I’d definitely make that trade.

Hope this helps!