Not sure who I like more lol

Full PPR dynasty

I was a deal I’m leaning towards taking, but I can’t decide which WR I like more. Between Darius Slayton and Preston Williams.

Which of those two do you prefer?

Rebuilding team. The deal I was offered was one of those two WRs plus a 2021 1st rounder for Le’Veon Bell.

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I would go Darius Slayton over Preston. Preston williams might be the 3rd option for the team while Darius Slayton was a go to option for Daniel Jones last year.


I’m taking Slayton too.

Sorry to add uncertainty, but I lean Williams. He’ll be more of a slot guy and in PPR that’s more valuable, but I like Slayton. Slayton will be more of a boom-bust guy.

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Slayton, Shepherd is one concussion away from being done.

Firstly, I love them both. That said, I’d lean a bit toward Williams. I think they both will be fantastic, and both with young QB. But before injury (which is why it’s close) Williams was crushing it.

Slayton has looked very good, and better than I had expected, but he potentially benefited from a constantly battered NYG. Should everyone return healthy, there are many legit options from all offensive skill positions to catch the ball. Williams has a more clear path to targets in my eyes.

There is the injury knock, but I’d lean into Williams.

I have changed on this since then, preston williams over slayton since wilson has opted out