Not sure who to flex now

I know I am starting Gurley.

My RB2 and Flex I am not as certain now.

Chubb vs. Texans
Conner vs. Chargers
J Adams vs. Wash
Ware vs. Oakland

Chubb has a tougher match up but you have to start him right?

Conner over these past few weeks I am not certain about him. I like him, but Ware with that offense and match up could be a better play.

Do I consider sitting the guy who largely got me here?

RB2: Conner
Flex: Chubb

Good to go. Don’t overthink this.

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No chance… ware is his obvious RB2

Until they’re on the goal line and Damien Williams, Chris Conley or Darrel Williams rolls in to vulture the TD. I’d avoid this situation.

Ware has looked great in his limited snaps and don’t forget what he did as the starter

Ware is 230 LBs with a similar running style to Hunt… which is why they dropped him so quick.

I’m a Ware believer but I’d still be wary of that situation. Ware has the talent.

Williams was a walk on with no experience from LSU and with no time to prepare. The other dude is 200 lbs receiver back. Ware is getting all the goal line touches.

Luckily I’m not in this situation, but if they take your advice I hope you’re right.

Ware was a stud before chiefs were a Super Bowl contender and will only be better on this high octane offense. Play him with confidence.

Good luck either way. <3

Final piece is in regards to starting someone over “someone who got you there”. Do not get attached to fantasy players!!! Look at white he was a top RB1 for a month, but situations change. You got to adapt. That being said, chubb and Conner are both solid fantasy assets

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I agree with that.

I have maybe 5 guys left on my team that I started the year with. Gurley, Luck, Ertz, somehow Baldwin, my kicker and my def.

Conner is tough to bench because he’s had some monster games, but he has slowed down some too and made some bad mistakes the last couple of weeks. It’s a long season and I wonder if he’s not gotten either a little physically or mentally tired after going all out the first 10 weeks or so.

Don’t overthink this was my initial response, but as competitive as our league is it might be the difference here or there. I’m going against Hill this week and now they will need to go to him even more.

I would run chubb and ware. Oakland is too good a matchup to pass on and both chubb and conner are going against good defenses. I like chubb just because he’s on a roll right now

I’m with ya here. I think your kinda splitting hairs given the talent, offenses and match ups. But overall, I think Chubb is the better RB and so I’d probably just go with him.

Any other thoughts?

I think it’s basically Conner vs. Ware for me. That Oakland matchup is what makes it so tempting.

As expected, here’s the breakdown of Chief’s rushing game.

Spencer Ware: 14 carries, 47 yards, 1 TD
Damien Williams: 5 carries, 38 yards
Tyreek Hill: 2 carries, 37

James Conner: 13 carries, 53 yards, 2 TDs

I knew Ware wasn’t going to be the true workhorse back and not nearly as efficient as James Conner and the Steelers. Those Conner stats are also halftime stats. Don’t just look at match ups and salivate.

Chubb and Conner were the obvious RBs to start. I hope you didn’t start Ware and lose your matchup.

You forgot the guy who led the team in rushing. Patty had 55 last I heard. So that’s what, like 180 yards rushing today for the team? I would want a piece of that.

The potential was there today for a big game from Ware, but things just didn’t shake out that way.

I ended up starting Conner and Ware and benched Chubb. It cost me 4 pts but not the win.

Patrick Mahomes rushed for 52. That’s wonderful. It sure the hell doesn’t apply to Ware.

I’m glad you got the win. Conner was still the better play and I stand by my original decision.

It probably dropped 3 yards on the kneel down.

I didn’t question your original decision. I just wanted a piece of KC against Oakland more than I did Chubb against Texans. That move proved right for me even though Chubb ended up with four more points. He very easily could have gotten game scripted out and mostly did by the end of the game.

I’m not sure I want to be playing the Texans in the playoffs this year if I am an AFC team.

Conner has gotten two gimme touchdowns (Brown down at 1 and End Zone PI) but I am glad to take them. :slight_smile: He could have done more he’s had two holding calls negate a nice run and a catch and run.

You were right to say don’t overthink it and generally that’s the best advice.

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