Not sure who to keep in keeper league

Info: 10 man league; Half PPR, one keeper, do not know draft order prior to choosing


  1. Michael Thomas in the 2nd round
  2. Chris Godwin in the 5th round
  3. Kenyan Drake in the 6th round


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Think I’d keep Drake in the 6th as the largest value. But taking MT in the 2nd is close.

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Its definitely between Drake and Thomas. Godwin will still be great but there has been a change in his QB so it might take a little time to adjust to Brady.
I think I would lean towards Michael Thomas because he has the potential to be #1 at his position. Drake is safe and will have plenty of production but we have really only seen him for half of a season with the cardinals offense. I’m not doubting his skill but there is definitely a smaller sample size of his production comparatively to Michael Thomas’ career.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Very good points! Thank you!

I would also go thomas… he is a league winner, especially paired with another 1st round rb


If you think Drake is close to a top-5 RB … towards the top of the Henry / Mixon / CEH tier … then I’d go for him.

If you think he’s more towards the back end of that group … more in the Ekeler / Chubb range … then I’d go MT.

I’m on the more optimistic end for Drake, so I’d consider him in the 6th pretty strongly. But you can’t go wrong with Thomas either.