Not tilting, but behind the 8 ball

When i look at my rosters across multiple leagues i see a lot of under performing players that don’t generate a ton of interest trade wise. Other teams seem to be a ton better across the board and its a bit worrisome. Floating at 2-3 in most leagues (all 0.5 PPR, 12 team leagues), I am trying to decide how to manage this.

IN one league I have the following:
QB Mayfield, Winston (both newly added after weeks of QB debacles)
RB Gordon, Lynch, Jones, Drake, Freeman, Allen
WR Adams, Baldwin, Cooper, Gordon
TE Kelce, Reed

I feel there is quite a bit of potential there, but at 2-3, i really need to turn that potential into wins. What pieces do you explore trading and keeping? What positions/players would you be targeting. I am open to any ideas here as i really need to turn it around in at least one of my leagues.

You could field offers for Kelce since you honestly don’t need to roster two TEs and Reed already had his bye week. Since Kelce is a top TE you could package him w a wr/rb and get a much better Wr or RB
If I was you I would try maybe getting someone like AJ Green or a higher end Wr

I’d probably shop Lynch, Reed, Cooper/Baldwin to upgrade your #2 WR. That’s where you’re hurting most. If Winston does what he did last year, then your team is fine now. Any PPR format where you’re starting WR that aren’t getting volume hurts. Keep Kelce as your team isn’t deep enough to lose that huge advantage at TE

Shopping Lynch was my first thought, but I am concerned with doing that, no one else on the roster has emerged to fill my RB2 slot. Do you think i can be ok ROS with Drake, Allen, Jones, Freeman being that all of them are basically in committees?

With Lynch you’re banking on a 32 year RB that runs between tackles to last and keep up what he’s done. That’s hard to count on for 16 weeks

Do you think i should also be targeting a stronger RB2 along with a WR2?

Have upside with Jones, Freeman and maybe even Drake for your #2. I’d focus WR 1st and if you can do something at RB great, if not, you might be ok

In the WR2 range I’d be looking at Landry. Any other suggestions? Ballers have Baldwin within the 12-24 range, so I might be set if I could get someone in the 10-15 range of their rankings.

Landy, Tate types are solid targets. Maybe Cooks if someone is worried about his noggin getting rattled last week