Not tilting but got offers for Kamara

Got offered Zeke and Yeldon for Kamara. Would u trade Kamara away? I’m siding with no but what do u guys think?

I think that’s a steal for you. Kamara is still a Rb1 with Ingram back but I don’t think he can keep pace with his first four weeks. Zeke is close enough to Kamara and getting Yeldon until week 10 and perhaps further with fournette being so fragile, he pushes this trade to be a major win for you in my opinion.

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Yes Yes and Yes.

You’re trading away Kamara who is clearly splitting time with Ingram for two RBs who are going to be the workhorses for their teams. You’re getting a 2 for 1 deal right here!

I definitely still think Kamara could be great, and if this was a 1 to 1 deal, I would say keep Kamara, but you’re getting both Zeke and Yeldon, that’s a different story

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If u could choose between Zeke and Barkley which would u take?

For me, Barkley. Zeke is capped cause of his horrendous olaycalling but he has a better line.

Yea I’d lean Barkley especially if it’s any type of PPR league. Giants offensive line is garbage but as you can see after tonight, he can explode at any moment.